Influence of Quaker Women


A little Quaker history lesson for this International Woman’s Day:

On July 13, 1848, five women sat around a mahogany table and planned a revolution. Six days later the revolution began; in the small town of Seneca Falls in upstate New York the world’s first woman’s rights convention was held, and a Declaration of Women’s Rights was proclaimed and signed by one hundred participants. Any question about the historical significance of this event was soon dispelled by the vehemence of the reaction, as both the press and the clergy denounced these desexed females for stepping out of their sphere.

Of the five women who planned the convention, four were members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, as they are more familiarly known. The fifth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, had come to the tea party to see her old friend and long time role model, Lucretia Mott from Philadelphia, a Quaker minister who had been advocating women’s rights for the past forty years.

Although Quakers had been numerous in the colonial period and had predominated for a time in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they represented only a tiny percentage of the American population by 1848. Yet their influence in such fields as the abolition of slavery, the reform of prisons, the fair treatment of Native Americans, and especially the rights of women was far in excess of their numerical strength. It has been estimated that Quaker women comprised thirty percent of the women abolitionists, and fifteen percent of the suffragists born before 1830. (From “Mother’s of Feminism” by Margaret Hope Bacon)


Lent begins with Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday, Father, is your reminder.  We are dust…we are your children, the glory of your creation. We shall return to dust…we shall return to your arms, and receive the welcome of daughters and sons.  But in the meantime, with your help, like the dust of this world, we shall settle everywhere, and make your presence felt. Unpeopled hearts, by your grace, shall become homes.  The journey to heaven, Lord, begins with the dust of Ash Wednesday: with dust set aside as a reminder, but also with the dust of bus and subway, of street and avenue.  We are people on the move, and what do we do, or do not do, to the least of our fellow travelers, we do to you. 

Liturgy for Ash Wednesday (Home Celebrations, Moser)

Join us on throughout the day on Ash Wednesday (March 1) from 8am-4:30pm in the Silverton Friends Youth Room. This space will be set apart and open for personal prayer and reflection. This year we will provide a simple self-guided meditation, ashes for imposition, meditative music and various art pieces for focus.

Come enjoy the space for as long as you need.

Taize Worship Returns to SFC

This coming Sunday (Feb. 26) we are excited to present two opportunities for Worship at Silverton Friends Church.

Starting at 9:30am in the *New* Green Room we will offer our Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship. This is an opportunity to center ourselves on listening and expectant waiting in a traditional Quaker manner.

At 10:45am this week we will be offering a Taize Meeting for Worship led by Phil Mullins and our Taize Worship Team. The focus of this special service will be “Love.” If you are not familiar with Taize Worship, it is a prayer service consisting of meditative singing, Scripture readings, and periods of silence in order to reach a contemplative state.

PLEASE NOTE: Usually, the fourth Sunday of the month is our Community Breakfast, but due to other conflicts, we are CANCELING it for this month. Join us on Sunday, March 26 for our next Community Breakfast.

We look forward to you joining us this Sunday for worship!

Pastor Bob’s Book Study Returns

img_0789Pastor Bob’s Book Study returns on Thursday, January 19th, 6:30pm, upstairs at Main Street Bistro, Silverton for three consecutive Thursday nights. Consider joining us for a lively discussion!

After a well attended first study on Rob Bell’s “How To Be Here” in the fall, we are looking forward to a second study that looks more closely at how we live out our Quaker faith and being each an original.

The second study will look at the book “Living the Quaker Way: Timeless Wisdom for a Better Life Today” by Philip Gulley. Pastor Bob had the honor of interviewing Philip Gulley about this book when it was first published in 2013. Here is a link to the Philip Gulley Interview.

From the back cover of the book:

“In Living the Quaker Way, Gulley shows how Quaker values provide real solutions to many of our most pressing contemporary challenges.  We not only come to a deeper appreciation of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality, we see how embracing these values will radically transform us and our world.”

This class is for anyone who wants to better understand the practical ways to live out the Quaker faith in our day to day lives. We hope you will plan to join us on Thursday night when we will cover the first 57 pages (Intro and Chapters 1&2).

“This is nothing less than the gospel itself…a much needed book.”- Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation







Meeting for Studies to Return

Due to weather cancellations next Sunday (Jan. 22) our Meeting for Study Hour returns at 9:30am (meeting every other Sunday). This quarter we are offering two classes:

Option 1: Quaker Conversation about Race (facilitated by Kate Pattison and Mark Rediske). This is a continuation of the class we started last quarter.

We have embarked on a  journey to learn about race in America, to understand the history of our country (Oregon specifically), how systems of oppression and privilege touch everything we do, and identify the intersections with our faith and life as a follower of Jesus. We are learning about the Black Lives Matter movement, understand how social media has changed what we witness, and how Jesus encountered oppressive powers and social constructs. Everyone is invited to participate and we will use a variety of resources to inform the discussion and learning.

15894475_1424701830882510_1165208803837259491_nOption 2: *NEW* The Voice of Matthew (facilitated by Pastor Bob) This is a conversation-based study on the text from “The Voice of Matthew” by Lauren F. Winner.

The Voice of Matthew is a unique retelling of the life of Jesus from the perspective of a Jewish believer who wants to connect the past with the future. The writer of this retelling is Lauren Winner, a young Jewish woman who has become a follower of Jesus. She is an extremely talented writer and a lecturer at Duke Divinity School that brings an intellectual edge to the biblical story. At the heart of this retelling is an accurate rendering of the traditional Bible text with historical and cultural expansions of the story that are placed in italic type to help the reader differentiate the expansions from the Bible text. 

Each Sunday we will look at a single chapter of Matthew and discuss the text’s implication for our daily lives.

PLEASE NOTE, on the opposite Sundays of our Meeting for Study we offer our Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship at 9:30am in the *new* green room. Come join us in a time of “expectant listening” and silent worship. Our next Unprogrammed Meeting will be this Sunday, Jan 15.

Last Day of the Year Meeting

15672482_10158066054075061_262693752240752670_nCome sit with neighbors in Quaker silence as we reflect on the events of 2016 and prepare for 2017. During this time we will hear a reading from scripture, ponder some queries in silence, and finish with a short round of “Thankfuls” as we acknowledge the abundance of God.

There will be childcare for littles who have not developed the practice of silence. Please RSVP if you anticipate needing someone to watch your children so we can plan accordingly.

Christmas Week Update

christmas-card-1What a weekend of weather! We hope everyone is safe back at work and school this morning! It was VERY disappointing and a difficult decision to have to cancel this week’s Meeting for Worship and Preschool Christmas Program due to safety issues, but it was necessary.

We are extremely thankful for those who assessed and did the hard work of trying to clean off our sidewalks before ultimately needing to cancel. Thank you to William and Jaime Hudson and Mark Rediske.

Currently, Meg Feicht and our SCS Preschool is looking to find a new date and time for our Preschool Christmas Program (be watching for details). It will most likely be after the new year, so we will simply keep the celebration going!

Also, we do not want to forget our Advent Giving for this past Sunday to help support Somos Hispanas Unidas. Feel free to drop off the following items at the church office this week or bring them to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 4:30pm this Saturday. Here is a list of items needed:

– brightly-colored crepe paper
– glue sticks
– construction paper
– pipe cleaners
– glitter sticks
– marker sets
– tempera paints, etc.
– or small fun items that could be used for game prizes.

As well, your tithes, offerings, and year end gifts will be received in the church office this week and at our Meeting for Worship on Christmas Eve. Your weekly giving is very important to the continued ministry and mission of SFC. We are blessed by your graciousness and commitment to make visible the Kingdom of God in Silverton.

We pray this final week of Advent preparation will find you giving birth to the Christ-Child in your homes and communities this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and keep safe!