Enjoying a Little Baseball Together!

“Loving God…loving others.”

SFC Vision Commitments

We commit to  

  • declaring the Gospel through our words and actions.
  • becoming a faithful presence in our neighborhoods.
  • incarnating the attributes and resurrected life of Christ.
  • practicing hospitality.
  • depending on prayer.
  • discovering, developing, and utilizing our assets.
  • embodying a non-violent, reconciling and supportive way of life together.
  • embracing our Quaker (Friends) identity as a unique expression of the Christian faith.


Silverton Friends Church is a member of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) a covenantal community of evangelical Friends churches:

Northwest Yearly Meeting Vision Statement
Approved at the 2006 NWYM Sessions

Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a growing family of Christ-centered, evangelical Friends churches reaching out to the greater Northwest and beyond in creative mission that reflects the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to know Christ intimately, worship and follow Him faithfully. Joined in the bond of fellowship, we have a sense of shared identity and common vision for ministry that focuses on:

  • Discernment: Since Jesus Christ is head of the church and present among us as our Teacher and Guide, we commit ourselves to listening to and obeying Him. In our manner of worship and decision making and in the way we order ourselves as a church, we continue to learn how to better listen to and obey Christ together.
  • Spiritual Transformation/Discipleship: We are a community of disciples being transformed into the image of Christ and partnering in His mission to transform the world. In faithfulness to Scripture and the ongoing leadership of the Holy Spirit, we bear witness to the reality of Christ by our changed and changing lives and in our commitment to live out the values of Jesus’ Kingdom in all that we do. Through our joint ministries and shared resources, we equip our local faith communities to educate people of all ages to follow Christ.
  • Friends Identity: We believe God has called us to a unique expression of the Christian life that is an important contribution to the overall mission of God in the world. As the Friends of NWYM, our common life is described by our Faith and Practice. Together, we seek to live in obedience to the same Life and Power that called early Friends to courageous evangelism, compassionate service, community, integrity, simplicity, equality and peacemaking in ways that speak to the present culture.
  • Leadership Development and Support: All people are called to ministry. Some are called to unique leadership roles that help us be the faithful people God intends. Therefore, we intentionally identify, equip and release all kinds of leaders to serve among us. Men and women called to pastoral service are well trained and adequately supported. Clerks, elders, and representatives find joy and purpose in their ministry because they understand their roles and are trained to serve well. Our young people have opportunity to explore their leadership gifts because we invest in their education and provide opportunities for service.
  • Congregational Care: Our local faith communities take a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional to house churches to new expressions yet to be defined in a changing culture. They may be urban or rural, more homogenous or inter-cultural. We actively cultivate vibrant and healthy churches and families within their care. Our NWYM staff and board structure encourage these local faith communities to be faithful, effective, growing, and outreach-oriented by providing ongoing training and resources.
  • Local Outreach: We are engaged in holistic evangelism, social concern, peacemaking and church planting throughout the greater Northwest. We are developing a culture of service in NWYM in which Friends of all ages understand their call to ministry and find support as they serve Christ in their communities.
  • Global Outreach: Our ministry and church planting extends beyond the Northwest, as we reach out to the rest of the world with the love of Jesus Christ. We send people of all ages across the globe to share in word and deed the gospel that is good news to the lost, the poor and the suffering.
  • Connection/Communication: Joined as we are in Christ, we continually work at improving our interconnection and being mutually supportive. Through the NWYM staff and our creative use of media, we communicate with each other and those around us who we are as Friends and how God is active in us for the sake of the world.

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